About the Team

Our remote support service allows your organisation to perform highly time-consuming tasks and activities outside the 9-5 timeframe, thereby increasing your productivity. Working with your organisation, we can provide clients with various forms of remote meeting support services to meet their needs, such as minute-taking. For example, our community engagement minute taking services include:
1. Housing Association Meetings

When a housing association decides to increase rent for tenants in certain properties, out independent meeting minutes service will accurately document the discussions, rationale behind the decision, and any concerns raised by tenants, ensuring transparency and accountability.

3. Local Government Committees

When a local government committee discusses proposals for affordable housing developments in a specific area, our independent meeting minutes will record the deliberations, decisions made, and any concerns raised by committee members or stakeholders, ensuring transparency in the decision-making process.

5. Tenancy Tribunal Hearings

Disputes inevitably arise between tenants and housing providers. When a tenant disputes a rent increase or eviction notice, our independent meeting minutes have provided a detailed record of the hearing, including testimonies from both parties and the Tribunal's ruling, serving as a reference for future legal proceedings if necessary.

7. Community Events

We document discussions and action plans during community events such as town hall meetings, public consultations, and neighbourhood watch gatherings.When residents discuss issues during a neighbourhood meeting, our meeting minutes will record these concerns and any proposed solutions, ensuring that they are followed up by relevant authorities.

9. Tenants Management Organisation

TMOs rely on our meeting minutes to document discussions and decisions related to building maintenance, tenant rights, and community initiatives. Tenants always discuss concerns about building security during meetings, and we independently record these concerns and any proposed measures to address them, ensuring that they are addressed by building management.

2. Tenant Council Meetings

Some tenants have discussed concerns about inadequate heating in their properties during council meetings, our independent meeting minutes will document these concerns and any proposed solutions, serving as a reference for follow-up actions by housing management.

4. Resident Association Meetings

On a South East london project, when residents proposed a neighbourhood watch program to address security concerns, our independent meeting minutes documented the proposal, action plans, and the responsibilities assigned to residents and relevant authorities. Thereby, facilitating effective implementation of the initiative.

6. Local Council Meetings

Our service has been crucial for recording decisions made by councillors regarding community projects, infrastructure developments, and local policies. Once a decision is made to allocate funds for a new community centre, we will document the specifics of the decision, including budget allocations, timelines, and responsibilities.

8. Volunteer Organisations

Our minute-taking is critical for volunteer organisations involved in community engagement activities such as charity fundraisers, environmental clean-up campaigns, and youth mentoring programs. For example, a decision to organise a food drive for a local food bank, meeting - we outlined the logistics, volunteer responsibilities, and fundraising targets - including monitoring.

10. Community Planning

Our community planning committee is responsible for shaping the future development of the neighbourhood. When the planning committee discusses proposals for new housing developments and green spaces, our meeting minutes document the various viewpoints expressed by committee members and any decisions made regarding the proposals.

Meetings Support Team

About the Team

Supporting people


Our remote support service allows your organisations to perform highly time-consuming tasks and activities outside the 9-5 timeframe, thereby increasing your productivity. Working with your organisation, we can provide clients with various forms of remote support to meet their financial support needs, including:

1. Book-keeping and Financial Record-keeping


We manage financial records, including accounts receivable and payable, petty cash, and other financial transactions.

2. Reconciling Bank Accounts


Your Virtual Assistant will reconcile bank statements, ensure accurate financial reporting and identify potential discrepancies.

3. Preparing Financial Statements

Financial Statements

We can assist you in preparing financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

4. Tax Preparation and Filing


Your virtual assistants can assist with tax preparation, gathering necessary documents, and filing taxes accurately.

5. Financial Analysis and Reporting

Financial report

We will be efficiently managing and organising case-related documents, evidence, and information to facilitate easy access and retrieval.

6. Financial Research and Information Gathering


We can research financial information, market trends, and competitor data to support financial decisions.

7. Budgeting and Forecasting


Your Virtual Assistant will assist in creating and managing budgets, forecasting financial performance, and identifying potential risks.

8. Debt Management and Collection


We will manage debt collections, sending invoices, pursuing overdue payments, and working with creditors to resolve outstanding debts.

9. Financial Planning and Advice

Financial Planning

We can also provide basic financial planning advice, assisting clients with saving, investing, and making informed financial decisions.

10. Data Entry and Organisation

Data Entry Organisation

We excel at data entry tasks, accurately entering and maintaining financial records, client information, and other relevant data.

Here are some other considerations for using our remote support services:

Although we may work more hours than contracted, our productivity is higher due to fewer distractions, greater autonomy over our work, and the lack of a daily commute.

Another point to remember, our remote support associates are less likely to report sick time off, and their stress levels are well managed. 

Having us on the team reduces the turnover rate within organisations, plus those organisations get to retain in-house expertise, thereby reducing costs. 

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